Thursday, February 22, 2007

Osim's results is out

Just saw Osim's results.

Was it good? I'm not good at fundamentals. I just looked at the important things they announced. First is the net profit: It dropped 28% year on year despite the increased in revenue of 24% (including brookstone). Secondly, decent dividend given at 1.43 cents per share. Quartely profit fell 1.4%. What I like about Osim is that it is vying to be a global brand instead of focusing its business in singapore alone. Singapore's market is too small to make huge profit, so I think as long as their marketing strategy is sound (so they can differentiate from its competitors), it should be doing fine.

But what I think isn't important. In fact, the results itself isn't important too. It's the market reaction to the news. Based on the fact that OSIM shares rose quite decently before the annoucement, it seems that it should be just fine. I really don't expect a selloff nor a big rally tomorrow. Watchout for shortist though. It's going to hit the moving ema20 resistance at 1.06, might be a possible target for shortist to short osim. If nothing goes wrong, it should meet gap resistance between 1.17 to 1.26 (yes, a huge huge gap), with 1.17 as major resistance to hurdle over. Good luck!

Tmr is genting's turn to report quarterly results. I hope to own some of genting, so might be looking at this stock. It looks very cheap now, but I still think it has room to go down from the charts. Actually a lot of room to go down. Possible fibonacci retracement to go down to 0.71 like that. If it does reach there, just buy lah, then put in storeroom, after 5 years come back and see again. Possible shortist action because today genting cross down below ema50 days. Bad sign before the quarterly results are out. Good luck!

My sold capitaland warrants...wa, rallied up to 0.64 today. OMG, I just sold off at 0.510 and one day makes so much difference. Really what the hell. Now too dangerous to buy, I'll wait for this to retrace. A very good stock to hold, everyone note this: CAPITALAND C31!!

HSI super strong. Must be taking cue from Nikkei. After the rate hike for japan's, nikkei went up to close positive 192 higher than previous day. Nuts...I thought rate hike is bad?? Anyway, Nikkei is super strong even though there's bad news, it shows the underlying strength of the current bull. HSI too, so strong man.

HSI charts look perfect. MACD gng to cut above red line, stochastics blue line turning upwards, RSI trending upwards with a lot of room to rally, EMA 10 and 20 trending upwards too. Might be going up tmr too, if not it might be a down day. Actually I'm not scared of this week because there's no china market to disturb hong kong. It's next week when China's bourse opens for business, don't know how they will react to the rate hike they announced before they break for the holiday last week. We shall see.

Longcheer also not bad. Risen up a bit today. I'm just afraid it's just a technical rebound because the volume is not convincing. Anyway, nothing much I can do. May the shortist stop targeting longcheer!

Tmr might be another cheerful day for everyone. Dow seems ready to rally after their futures rose 21 points as of now. Looks like it's going to be a strong start at least for dow.

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