Friday, February 16, 2007

Can't log onto dbs again

It's early morning.

I tried to wake up early to short the market, but I can't log in. This is like..what? The 100th time that DBS hung up on me? Sigh...I'll get the poems account after new year, for sure.

Why short the market? Today confirmed profit taking day. Longweekend ahead with only 3 trading day, but US side is not closed for holiday. ANYTHING can happen especially with Dow closing high on the 2nd or 3rd consecutive day. A correction is due which might spill over to Singapore.

IF...if I can log on, I'll sell off my capitaland warrants. Hold so long already. Oh, I shorted it too. I sold off at 0.485 in the morning, wait the entire day to buy back lower at 0.475 just before budget announcement. Shit lah, should have wait more patiently because it dropped to 0.46. But it's okay lah, the worse I could have done is to sell it and not be able to buy it back to realise its gain. Anyway, this warrant got plenty of time, it's expiry is in June.

Longcheer undergo extreme shortist action today of now already dropped from 0.815 to 0.750. I'll have gladly participated in it..damn dbs.