Thursday, February 08, 2007

Longcheer result good or bad?

HSI went roller coaster today.

Before that, DBS cocked up again. Went I checked the website, I found that the warrants which I bought is gone from my watchlist and I couldn't check the quotes. So, I called them up and eventually all was settled just before 10am. Wasn't that pissed off today.

Okay, HSI went down 250 points straight from start. Some banks thingy happening in hong kong. Just look at the charts below, the black line is yesterday's closing. I saw my warrant price plummet all the way from 0.400 down to 0.270. But I wasn't so panicky cos I invested 10 lots only, unlike last time with 30 to 40 lots.

But look at the charts after lunch. Shot up from -350 to +55 in 2 hours. Crazy! But from this episode we can be sure of the underlying strength of hsi. Heard that it's from foreign funds investing back again, which is good. Price range for warrants go from 0.27 to 0.43. Imagine if you bought at low, you'll have made close to 50% in 2 hours. If you have the guts. I don't.

Longcheer...dunno whether it's good or bad. Quarter to quarter results drop by around 7%. By half year to half year increased by 14%. Volumes of sales increased around 50% but revenue dropped. They also said that for 2007 profit should be lower than 2006 because of stiff competition. However, they give 1.6 cts dividend, which means their cash flow is pretty strong. Consistent dividend too. Fundamentally sound? I don't know. Can llengs help me? longcheer dropped 0.050, almost giving up everything from yesterday's 0.06 gain. Tmr is good? Or will it undergo a selldown?

Bought capitaland warrants today when it dipped down because STI went down. I thought it's a steal. I bought 5 lots at 0.415 and 5 lots at 0.410, to average down at 0.4125. Waiting for Wed/thurs to sell. Capitaland charts look very good both weekly and's nuts.

Cross my fingers tmr for longcheer.