Monday, January 29, 2007

Still bullish? YES

Today STI made an impressive recovery.

It flew up by 41 points upwards. It caught me by surprise actually, because I've expected STI to resume uptrend only around middle of this week. So, with this moderate rise, STI should be resuming its upward trend from now on. The only thing to be careful of is the slew of data coming from US side. Although US market and regional bourses have diverged, we'll never know what might happen this week.

This week, almost a quarter of the companies in S&P500 are reporting their quarter results this week, so I heard. Add to that a host of important economic indicators, and we'll have a cocktail of uncertainty and doubt in the already very volatile market.

On tues (tonight) we'll have:

ICSC-UBS Store Sales (wk1/27 , 2007)
Redbook (wk1/27 , 2007)
Consumer Confidence (Jan , 2007)
FOMC Meeting Begins (Dec , 2006)


MBA Purchase Applications (wk1/26 , 2007)
ADP Employment Report (Jan , 2007)
Employment Cost Index
Gross Domestic Product (Q4a , 2006)
Employment Cost Index (Q4 , 2007)
Construction Spending (Dec , 2006)


Employment Situation (Jan , 2007)
Consumer Sentiment (Jan , 2007)
Factory Orders (Dec , 2006)

The more important ones should be the fed meeting. Wonder what Bernanke might say next? Rate cute? Inflation remains prime concern so no rate cute?

HSI on the other hand is still quite weak. Fell around 45 points today. Actually I was monitoring today, it fell quite heavily in the morning before recovering to -45 points when it closed at 4pm. I expect more downside but it should be ending soon. As I've said, both STI and HSI are still healthily bullish, no sign of the dreaded crash coming any time soon. Perhaps after CNY?

Longcheer is doing badly, as expected because of the downtrend in both weekly and daily charts. Should be finishing soon, I hope, because seeing it drop from a high of 1.37 all the way down to 1.12 is painful, to put it mildly. I do hope my decision not to cut loss is not going to cost me a lot of pain in the long run. Portfolio bleeding heavily.

Pac andes and yellow page made quite impressive gains though, nobody knows why because there's no annoucement nor anything. Maybe it's following the recent acquisition of more trawlers for china fish (subsidiary of pac andes). Yellow pages..hmm, why the jump up? Probably report seasonings coming soon? Yellow pages is one of the most highly paid dividend stocks to hold because their dividend policy is to give out 100% profit as dividend. Long term charts for yellow pages looks good, underlying uptrend based on MACD. Should be seeing yellow pages going uptrend. Same thing for pac andes.

Japan land:
Yesterday: 0.09
Closed today: 0.095
Volume: 17.4 million (around 3 times of vol averaged over 50 days)

Hit resistance at 0.095, don't know if it'll U-turn or breakthrough 0.095. If it does break through, japanland will cheong. We'll see

Yesterday: 0.46
Closed today: 0.46
Volume: 10.1 million (compared to vol ave 50 days which is 16 million)

Going to try to test resistance at 0.485. Intra day high of 0.48 reached.

Another hot stock I picked up from the program:
MAE Engg
No effort to chart out resistance and support lvl.
Closed today: 0.225

Which program did I use? It's chartnexus:
Free, with paid monthly subscriptions if you like to try out their xpert trader software. I'm not paid to advertise this software so I'm just saying that it's good to use at least the free version because it will update itself everynight (if you run the application everynight) and you can use the charting software to find out the technicals of the stocks. Good training.

I won't be actively monitoring the market intra day anymore. Sick of my streak of bad luck. Lost another 130+ in warrants today. I CAN'T STAND THE SLOW INTERNET!! Used to be able to key in trades in seconds and now I can only do it after maybe 3 to 5 min? By then all the reasons to sell or buy have already changed! How to do intra day trading like this??

I decided to spend my time wisely instead of wasting it refreshing and staring at little numbers that tick up and down. What a life?! This self imposed exile will last till I'm ready. Probably around CNY, I guess. I'll still update myself on the market everynight and post my findings and analysis here though.