Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Did not check stocks today

It's very liberating not to wake up early to check the market. In fact, I didn't even on the computer until now.

So imagine my surprise when Pac andes rose 0.085 to 0.98 today. Wondered what happened.

HSI rose 220 points, so the worst is over now for hsi i guess. Bullish trend resuming. STI rose around 2 points, but there's still bullish bias. I think it depends on what the fed meeting goes. Basically what people are looking out for is the direction. Are we going to cut or not cut interest rates. That will affect US market tonight and subsequently trickle down to asia regions. Of course, unless there is divergence of regional bourses away from US side again.

Daily charts for sti shows a top tweezer candlestick pattern. Seems like tmr might be a downday but I won't confirm. It's not a really strong pattern so ... my point is tmr's outlook depends on US fed meeting later. Whatever happens, no cause for worry yet.

Yesterday: 0.095
Today: 0.090

Failed to break resistance at 0.095. Because of that, top tweezer pattern formed, looks like tmr going to go down from here. Hopefully it'll test support and bounce up.

Yesterday: 0.46
Today: 0.445

Fell on light volume. Looking at it to test support at 0.435. If it breaks, run. No faith in this stock. I'll just see for a few more days, if still not good i'll 'drop' this and stop following.

MAE enggr
Yesterday: 0.225
Today: 0.235

Still very high vol, something's up. Doji pattern sighted, a reversal for uptrend? Basically looks good for this stock. RSI recently test 30% and now going for uptrend. MACD and stochastics are looks good.

1.12 yesterday and today
Formed bottom tweezer pattern, reversal pattern (Why so many tweezer pattern today??). Weekly charts - price touching ema20 now, hopefully can act as support, otherwise bye bye longcheer.
Daily, i think worst is 'almost' over. I have to see tmr price action to confirm.
Heard results out on 8th feb, hope it'll bring momentum to this stock.