Thursday, July 07, 2016

Who is being speculative?

A value investor, a trader and a gambler goes into a bar. After a drink or two, they started arguing over which of them is speculating in the market.

The value investor says that the other two are not basing their investments on fundamental reasons and treating the buying of their part business ownership like digits, hence the two are speculative.

The traders says that the other two did not consult the technical aspect and the price action of the charts before putting in their money, hence the two are speculative.

The gambler says the other two did not seek insider's news or throng the forums for the hottest rumors, hence they could not possibly know what the BBs are doing without a ear on the ground, hence the two are speculative.

As you can imagine, they couldn't come to a consensus, so they suggested asking the worldly bartender for his opinion on this subject matter.

The bartender says that since all of them would rather spend their time talking about philosophical difference instead of making money like him working on a second job at night, so all of them have no business talking about money, and therefore also investment, and hence all of them are speculative.


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Now who wants to be a money losing investor/trader/gambler?

Can make money, call me whatever you want!

Sillyinvestor said...

Where is the like button ?!! LOL

la papillion said...

Hi guys,

Haha, shocked by the response here :) I'm fully expected to be flamed alive by people due to this post. Glad you all like it :)

SMK said...


bartender is right!

Kevin said...

Hah we all could use some humour once in a while ..

Solace said...

Haha, Nice!!

Many people forget the money used for investing usually comes from the career that we slogged hard for.