Saturday, January 01, 2011

Repugnant resolution 2011

Today is a brand new year with an auspicious date - 1st Jan 2011 - 010111! Since almost everyone in the blogosphere is doing their resolution for the new year, I thought I should join in the bandwagon and do the same thing, but with a twist! I'll come up with naughty things that I should do for the new year :) Now, whoever says that new year resolution have to be nice and goody two shoes?!

1. Be more irresponsible

The problem about me is that I'm too duty bound. If someone gave me a responsibility and I agree to it, I consider it my duty to carry it through until it's done or I discharged it back. I thought it's time to relax this a bit and take things a little more slowly. Be wild, be irresponsible and most importantly, be free.

2. Spend more money 

It's going to be easy for this one because I have quite a huge big ticket items coming. One of them is going to be my first appointment with HDB where I've to vomit out 35k next week! Besides that, there's going to be major renovation for the flat too. Maybe after all the hardwork I've put in to secure the flat and to do it up properly, I might spend a little on myself to get a xbox and some fancy sound system. My handphone contract is also going to end this year, so maybe I might get myself the popular apple phone? How about an ipad or a new itouch? It's going to be fun! This resolution would be a great winner in the unlikely event that I get myself a car too. Who knows what may happen in the year ahead? haha!

3. Have a more relaxing life

Cancel more classes, take less students, play more, exercise more, sleep more, eat more, drink more wine, drink more beer, go shopping more, watch more movies, smoke more cigars, try some cigarettes, eat more chocolates..

4. Try some durians and the infamous GWPDP!

I know I know, I'm not the typically Singaporean. Which Singaporean eats durian for the 2nd time at my age?! Ok, this is going to be hard. This is going to be my second time trying durians and perhaps the third time trying durian puffs. If I'm going to do it, I might as well eat the best! I'll try to eat some when it's in season this year, after a 2 yr hiatus :) For the un-initiated, GWPDP stands for goodwood park durian puffs, highly recommended by big boss AK :)

5. Come up with 3 impossible things to do before breakfast

Okay, this isn't exactly naughty, but it's one of the things that I wanted to fulfill. Maybe I can do it on a weekly basis. I've had breakfast, but let's try it anyway. Here's my 3 impossible things for today:

a. I can run a 42 km marathon

b. I can save 150k per year

c. I'll be so successful in my career that everywhere I go, I'll see my students/ex-students

Sidenote to self: I've such a hard time coming up with 6 impossible things to do per day, so I changed it to 3 and its per week. Hmm, I'm lacking in imagination. I suspect this might be a good thing to do on a constant basis. I'll try it out and see if I can expand my imagination and be able to really come up with 6 impossible things to do per day before breakfast :)


Kerry said...
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Kerry said...

Hey LP,
Cool post. Creative too. =)

I especially like points 2 & 3 heh. And am particularly wowed by the resolve to save $150,000 per year. Good luck! Staggering amount.

But it's great that you're aiming to take it easy this year. All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy, no? And with all the hardwork you've put it, enjoying the fruits of your labour is justified.

Well like yourself, I've finally jumped on the resolution bandwagon. Finally I might add again for emphasis heh. If you're free, check em out at:

Love to hear your comments, LP.


la papillion said...

Hi Kay,

Haha, 150k per year of savings...I think i'm just dreaming lah! It's going to be quite impossible this year, but hey, if I can imagine it, I'm sure it can be done :)

I'll pop by your blog :)