Friday, March 05, 2010

SGX chart

For my own reference. Been a while since I posted any charts, so let's kick start this. Seems like a good buy at this circled level. Yield should be 4.3% at that price, pretty reasonable.

A bit heavy for trading though. If I do buy, it'll be another batch to lower down my price. Crystal ball is not working very well and is a bit cloudy. Wait for it to clear up first, then look at weekly to decide.


Dou said...

Too dangerous to buy now since u be buying @ the Resistance of $7.62

la papillion said...

Hi Dou,

You misunderstood me. I was saying buying at the circled level, which is 7.4 thereabouts.

Thanks for the warning though, highly appreciative :)

Dou said...

ohhh...sorry. I must have see wrongly hahaha