Friday, February 12, 2010

Think happy thoughts

I am definitely happier these days.

After my reservist stint in January, I came back feeling more refreshed and more zen about life. It's even better than my batam trip because:

1. I get paid for my 'green' holiday, whereas in Batam, I've to foot the bills there myself

2. I can meet up with my old time friends and talk cock, sing song whole day

3. I get to read a lot of books. I think I completed 3 books there, plus small readings (some chapters) of books I borrowed from my friends there

4. I get to meet new people who really broaden up my life. Some of them talk about their visits to ahem, 'red' districts in different countries, while others shared their life as a SQ steward. Very very interesting.

5. There's unimaginable joy in putting your IC near a bar code scanner for every meal you eat. It's free and the quality of food there is like 1000x better than what I eat outside myself. I really like army life. You reduce life to just one variable - what to eat for the next meal.

6. A time-out from my gf. It's important to separate yourself from the important things in life, just so that you remind yourself how important it is.

I became more carefree in my spending (though readers might have to know that even my most spendthrift behaviour can be miserly to others), especially in things that are of value to me. I laughed at the times when I tried to save money by buying cheapskate shoes costing $30 or so, but only lasting 1-2 months and wasting more time and money trying to get a new one again. Now, I just go straight to clarke's (thanks so much to bro8888 for introducing it to me, it's really good and it lasts me 9 mths) and get a pair for $168 (actually, I went to Robinsons - the actual price is $208). Yes, I spend more but can you imagine the money and time I have saved myself from shopping every other month because my cheapskate shoes cannot make it?

Brand----------------price($)-------------how long it lasted-------$/mth
Cheapskate------------30------------------1 month----------------30
Clarke's----------------168------------------9 months---------------19

Time saved? Priceless.

I'm also trying hard not to work so hard this year. But it seems this is quite unlikely to happen. As it is, I'm still thinking how to reject people because I really cannot take in any more people. I really need to expand my business so that I can accommodate them all. It's like a hospital who had to reject patients because there's no more space. I feel bad about it. But I'm only human, though I really push myself to be superhuman. I pushed so hard not only because of the financial gains, it's the satisfaction gained from knowing that you played an important part in helping someone cross an important milestone in their life.

Money earned? Quite ok. Satisfaction from students saved? Priceless.

Once my mindset is changed to value my precious time, a lot of things began to change. I stopped grinding and get to real work. I stopped running on treadmill and started running ahead. I stopped wasting time on things that does not make me happy or does not advance my goals. I think my emotions matured greatly the past year.

I'm so going to have a great year ahead :) Have a merry chinese new year!


Createwealth8888 said...

Congratulations in upgrading your thoughts to think in terms of units of time.

In consumption: the least dollars in the most time and in investing: the most dollars in the least time.

la papillion said...


Well said well said :)

AK71 said...

I bought two pairs of Sketchers sneakers at a factory outlet while travelling in USA more than 4 years ago.

Special Offer: Buy 1 pair at $29.90 and the second pair at $19.90. So, bought 2 pairs lor. I wore them everyday and each pair lasted me 2 years! hehe..

Now, I am wearing a pair of NB running shoes which I bought for $69.90 from Bata.

I would look out for good deals on good products.

Cheap things not good, good things not cheap? There can be exceptions to the saying. ;)