Monday, May 19, 2008

How to detect and kill mozzies

Today I killed another 5 more mosquitoes. I affectionately call them mozzies. I still keep a running tab of how many I manage to kill, just for the record. You can check it out here.

I must confess that I take no pleasure in killing these irritating insects. If it wasn't for the fact that they can create life threatening diseases to humans living around my area, I wouldn't be bothered. Ants and spider live a happy existence in my home.

Having killed so many mozzies, I think I can write a little more about how to go about detecting them and subsequently killing them.


I follow the my own set of rules for detecting the presence of mozzies:

1. A buzzing sound is heard

2. I've been attacked by mozzies and there is a mark - those typical swelling followed by an insatiable itch on the affected area - to show it

3. Detection by sight

No 1 and no 3 have to occur together before I will go into 'hunting' mode. If no. 2 occurred, 'hunting' mode is justified without the occurrence of no. 1 or no. 3 or both.

Once hunting mode is on, a can of insecticide will be in my hands. I do not practice random spraying of insecticides all over in the hope of hitting one by luck. I will wait for the mozzies to rest on a surface before spraying. Usually they will fly over a few minutes before resting on a vertical or inclined surface. I've no idea why horiontal surfaces are not conducive for mozzies. Either that, or I'll be the human bait and I'll stand motionless for a few minutes to bait the mozzies to attack me. Once they settle on my skin for about 5 seconds, I'll spray.

The time interval of 5 seconds is to get the mozzies into feeding mode first so that my hit rate is higher. Key areas to focus on is the feet area or the head area, which are places that mozzies like to feed on.

Once sprayed, the procedure is repeated until:

1. The mozzies body is found and accounted for (killed and accounted for)

2. There is no activities for a prolonged period (missing in action)

Once 1 or 2 occurred, hunting mode is deactivated. Normal activities resumes :)


dream said...

I need to hire

la papillion said...

Hi dream,

Haha, I think i can sideline as a pestbuster, though it's not a job that I would love to do :)

Anonymous said...

Impressive... but I'm afraid I have to say I'm nore of an expert in killing mozzies. After contracting dengue in 2004, I figured out I do not wish to get it again.

I have killed over 50 mosquitoes in the past 2-3 months by hand. I do not use any tool or insecticide other than an electric bat. The bat bears the scars of so many battles that much of the surface is already blackened from their charred bodies. I can even kill mosquitoes with my bat 3 seconds after waking up in the middle of the night.

la papillion said...

Hi hitori,

Hoho, i used to be a purist at killing mozzies too, preferring to use really just hands. The most amazing catch is at night when I was sleeping, I managed to kill one in the dark by just feeling their light touch on my body.

Haha, we can have a competition already :)

btw, how does dengue feel like? Bad?

Anonymous said...

I've had major operation on my lungs before, and some other short term illness which require hospitalisation.

Anyway its similar to, if not worst than those experiences. Once you are confirmed dengue case by your GP, you are referred to the Communicable Diseases Centre, where you have to go 2-3 times each week to have a huge sryinge of your blood taken for testing. By the 2nd week I couldn't take it anymore and collasped while my blood was taken, prompting them to rush me into the hospital. Was in there for 5 days and I was too weak to even go to the toilet myself.

After discharge, I was weak for about a month after that, and my arms and legs were beet red due to millions of minute internal haemorrages. Surely not a pleasant experience. The one month MC didn't quite make up for it either.

la papillion said...


Ouch...I didn't realise it's so serious. I wish nobody have to suffer such pain.

Fellow mozzie warrior, let's do our part to keep our habitat safe from mozzies!

Anonymous said...

I just killed another dozen last night.

My father has also gotten in on the action. My area is positively infested, and it didn't help even when we complained to NEA a couple of times. They would just say "we checked and everything is ok".

If so, why the hell are there so many aedes around???!

la papillion said...

Hi hitori,

Same as my case. Despite repeated attempts to NEA, they just send someone, told us about prevention of breeding sites. That's about it.

It's best do what we can ourselves. Maybe you should consider putting a mosquito net, it's very effective.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping with a net every night already. Its the only way to preserve my sanity.