Friday, May 09, 2008

Singtel chart

NO dream, I'm not going to back to the dark side! :)

I've quite a free day today, so was talking to stub about some of the companies that is interesting. Singtel crop up in our conversation and I thought it's interesting too. At least it passed my screening, though need to look more into it and compare with the other 2 main competitors before deciding anything.

Charting is fun for me, though not always so lucrative for me, hoho! Anyway, I know that I usually do patterns for my chartings. An important point that I come away from reading Phil Fisher's Common stocks and uncommon profits is that when you have a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail, hence it's important to have a few mental models of things so that we can see a problem with different perspectives.


dream said...

not bad, la pap...want your place back at the jedi council? hoho

la papillion said...

Hi dream,

Haha, since when am I sitting at the jedi council? hoho!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be so narrow minded as to rule out Technical Analysis as part of your arsenal for profits. A good trader can trade in all markets, similarly, a retail investor should made use of all knowledge available to trade.

la papillion said...

Hi anonymous,

Thks for the advice :) I didn't dismiss TA, otherwise I wouldn't have done the chart. It's just the way that I used the chart that is different these days.

Last time, I used to trade excessively but I realised this is not what I wanted. I am going to be a businessman and being an investor will help me to become a better businessman. Hence, I use charts now use to see the region in which I can place my buy/sell, after I've determined the business of the company I'm buying/selling.