Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mozzies attack!

What's the difference between a fly and a mosquito? A mosquito can fly but a fly cannot mosquito! A pretty lame joke from my student. But it didn't mask the fact that it's not durian season, it's dengue season now!

I can always tell because somehow, these irritating blood suckers will fall in on the mirror of my bathroom every morning. When in season, they will also fall in after every few hours and I would have to clear them every now and then!

Don't tell me to call NEA or ENV or what nought. They came they went, and they educate and they checked. Nothing. Will report it. What else can they do? They did told me that it's aedes mosquito alright (great). Luckily, my area (Bedok/Tanah Merah) is not a dengue hot zone, otherwise with the sheer amount of mosquitoes gathering at my bathroom everyday, it's amazing that I'm still here blogging!

I did some research on Aedes mosquito, as any curious person would do. I found out these:

1. Aedes mosquito usually bites in the daytime (spot on, as they usually leave me alone at night). Malaria mosquitoes, those commando that live in Tekong, usually bites in the evening and nights.

2. Mosquitoes in generally drink nectar from flowers for food. Only female mosquitoes need blood for the proteins and iron needed to develop the eggs. Female blood suckers!

3. Mosquito usually don't venture far from where they are born. Since I live in the highest floor, and I'm sure that my home is not a breeding ground, it must have come from possibly the roof? Or neighbors? I highly suspect the roof.

Hence, as a community message from Bullythebear.com, I decided to track the number of mozzies I kill per day and add up the total. Perhaps I can keep the dead carcasses instead of washing down the drain, keep it in a bottle and start mailing to ENV or NEA for some serious action by them.

PS: Despite my hatred of these irritating blood suckers, I pity them too. I once, out of curiosity, fed one of them to a spider which I saw lying in ambush at the corner of my room. Guilt still washes over me... I won't do it again.