Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Books came over!!

I'm extremely delighted today :)

First of all, I've been hunting for Philip A.Fisher "Common stocks and Uncommon profits" for some time already. I've chanced upon it a few weeks ago, only to go back home in disappointment because the book cannot be borrowed due to some technical problems. But this time, I found it nestling between the shelves. It's a bit old, but I'm too happy to find it to care much :)

The second thing is that the 2 books that I've been waiting was mailed over to me today! I've been waiting for the free copies of the books after completing the pop quiz by Wallstraits. Been 2 long weeks! I'm even beginning to suspect that it was somehow lost in the mail till it came over today.

The books are in excellent condition - hard covered and smells of 'new'-ness, enticing me to read it. What's more impressive is the fact that both the books are signed by the author, Curtis J. Montgomery, with a short encouraging phrase addressed to my name. I was both touched and impressed by this act of generosity and sincerity that I promised to myself that when I have such a day that I publish my own books, I'll do the same to pay it forward.

Thank you Wallstraits! You not only delivered my free books to my doorstep, you've also received a promise by La papillion to pay this kind act forward.


Anonymous said...

Hi LP,

I also got the 2 books and a pen from Wallstraits. I must say they are pretty prompt in their delivery and in good condition.

If you are going to write a book someday, let me know. I will definitely get one.


Anonymous said...

Send a book over if you ever publish. :)

la papillion said...

Hi Derek,

Thks for your support :) It's great to know that there is already people wanting to get my book before it's published :P

Haha, how come I don't have a pen? :)

la papillion said...

Hi Cold turkey,

Haha, what an appropriate name :)

I'll definitely send you a copy if I ever write a book :) Free of charge :)