Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New new new

Here's the screenshot of the old bullythebear website:

Here's how the screenshot of the newer bullythebear website looks like:

Personally while the older one will be missed sorely by me (and some others too!), this new one should be the new phoenix that the ashes of the old one had turned into. The background is a brownish-black colour. What I liked about the new one is the colour scheme. The red/orange combination signifies confidence and power.

I totally revamped the Newbie's FAQ section to make it easier to update and to have the option to include questions as well. Here's how it looks like:

Where can it be found? You can find it below the header and above the chatbox, by clicking the button "NEWBIE'S FAQ". Please help me spread the word around for this newbie's faq. It's supposed to help those who are new and had questions to ask, so help me do them a favour? :)

Those who want to link up or use the faq, just drop me a mail or use the chatbox, thks!


Note: I decided to control the comments as a measure to counter those idiots who are flooding my comments page with virus or spyware laden websites, and as a precaution to those who might innocently clicked on it. Please do not click on any of those!


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