Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why so serious?

Heath Ledger...passed off from this world on 23rd Jan, 2008, at a tender age of 28. While never a fan of his, I did watch most of his films out of sheer coincidence. These are the films he acted in:

1. The patriot
2. A knight's tale
3. Brokeback mountain
4. The up coming Dark knight, starring as the Joker.

I watched the first 2, missed the broke back mountain and am already eager to watch Batman before his untimely passing.

There's always a magic when someone died before his time. 'Before' his time? What is meant by that? A lot of people will say it's a waste of his talents. Even those canoeist who passed away are described as a waste. Are humans to be treated as a cog in the giant machine, to be used? I hate this kind of utilitarian viewpoint of human life. To see a death as a waste....i cannot agree. It depends. Some deaths will be mourned, some deaths are secretly wished for, some deaths you don't care and some deaths releases one from the suffering of this world.

But then again, Why so serious?