Wednesday, January 09, 2008

STI survived 3300! (for now)

STI opened below 3300 (critical support!) and went to close at 6.26 at 3344 with a volume of 2 billion. It's great that STI didn't end up below 3300, otherwise more bloodshed we'll see. Agri stocks are still powering up...crazy wilmar, up 0.400 today.

Singpost had lots of selldown today, in huge volume of 1.3 to 2 million size. It's like 2 big bosses fighting to sell/buy, it's crazy. Went down to touch low of 1.070 before rebounding to close flat at 1.100. If it didn't close down, I see that as a strength. Chinamilk broke out..still no news of why.

Let's see how Dow perform tonight. If it's not ideal, might see 3300 tested again. We live in dangerous times :P