Friday, January 04, 2008

Capricorn is capricious today

Today is 4th January.

Don't feel particularly good about today...I seldom feel happy this day. I lived for 30 years, 16 years to educate me (6+4+2+4=16), 6-7 years don't know what I'm doing, minus 2.5 years NS, leaving only 4.5 years of purposeful, free life. 4.5 years of freedom, after 30 yrs of life...that's unacceptable, that's pathetic. I started investing 1.5 yrs back, probably going to do so till I passed from this place. Why didn't I start earlier?

Does it matter if I start earlier? Perhaps not. I couldn't possibly see myself as mature or sensible enough to do what I did back then. Investing earlier could possibly kill me. Not too late still, I think. It's never too late. If one is serious, 1 yr can be equivalent to 10 years of non-committal experience.

HH sent me this website for calculating your personal ROI to achieve a certain return by a certain time. If I aim to hit $1,000,000 by 50 yrs old, I need to start getting a return of 13.4% starting this year. Achievable? Yearly might be hard...but over a span of 20 years, I think an average of 13.4% is something I should aim fact, exceed. Grim maths indeed.

Before this bad mood infects everyone else, I better stop. My horoscope says that I'm a Capricorn. Capricorn Capricorn...Capricious? Crapicorn? I better stop here.

Dow -110 now. STI went up 40 pts on a sudden reversal (up 1.20%) with a volume of 2 billion (this is much higher than the 1.3 to 1.5 billion volume). HSI also went up a lot...600 over points.