Monday, October 29, 2007

YZJ chart

This is for Charlesming.


This one is one hot stock that many people follow. Interesting indeed :)
(haha, noob alerted me that this stock do not have dual listing, which I subsequently changed, sorry!)

From the looks of it, seems like resistance at 2.74 is a really strong barrier. Ascending triangle formation is seen, which is a bullish pattern most of the time. Target price of 3.15 is set if the price breaks away from 2.74 resistance with high volume. The high volume is essential for a valid breakout. Chart is bearish if the lower trendline is broken.

From MACD, seems like it is going to reverse and move up trend already. Stochastic had already crossed over, so I think the price is more likely to break out of 2.74 resistance than break below the trendline. Weekly not too good because stochastics is already so high up. But I think it's still okay for the next 2 weeks, where the price will have to decide to move up or down.

From the weight of the evidence, I'll say there is a higher chance of it moving up to test 2.74 resistance. Hopefully it'll break and we can see a good price movement upwards. Pay attention to its weekly chart though.

This is just the characteristic of this stock. It likes to move up a lot in the morning, but is seldom followed throughout the day. I heard someone mention this before. So if you're looking to sell, do it in the morning. If you're looking to buy upon breakout at 2.74, do it after the morning? haha, good luck!