Wednesday, August 02, 2017

CDL Htrust rights are out

The CDL H trust rights are out. I applied with DBS atm and I've received the refund this morning already.

I don't have any mother shares before the whole rights exercise and before it goes XR, I bought 3000 mother shares at $1.645 each. My entitled rights for this 5 for 1 rights issue @ $1.28 means that I have 600 entitled rights. I applied for excess rights and got 500 shares. In summary:

Mother shares: 3,000
Price of mother share before XR: $1.645
Entitled rights: 600
Excess rights: 500
Total rights: 1,100 @ 1.28

Average price before comms: $1.547
Average price after comms: $1.55411

Since the price of the ex rights mother share is now at $1.610, it's already in the money. Damn, I love entering reits/trust when they exercise rights. Good quality ones will bounce back within months.


martin ong said...

Hi may I know how many excess right that you had applied that let you Hv 500 shares?


la papillion said...

Hi Martin,

It's not how much you applied that matters, from my experience. It's pegged to the number of mother shares that you owned. In any case, I applied for 3200 rights, excess and entitled added together.

martin ong said...

Hi la papillon ,

I hv sent you an email fr as my question may be a bit sensitive.