Tuesday, December 03, 2013

3 Things to be grateful for

Since this month is December, a great holiday for students and a more laid back month for those working, I thought I should do a post to reflect upon the things that I'm grateful for in my life. I think in life, we focus a lot on the things that we do not have and not so much on the things that we had. It's a good time to put things in their right perspective. I don't know who said this, but I'm pretty sure it goes something like this: If you can't have what you love, then love what you have.

3 Things in life that I'm grateful for:

1. Good health

When we're healthy and everything is fine, we tend to take good health for granted. We do silly things that abuse our body, thinking that when we're older, good health is still a given. No it's not. When you're in your mid thirties, you feel your body slowly down and that's completely natural. You don't have as much energy as you would when you are in your twenties. You can't stay up all night and go to work the next day and not suffer the consequences. I'm thankful for my relatively good health so far.

2. Loving and supportive wife

I'm in a job where the pay is not fixed and certain months I'm basically eating grass. If not for the strong family support that I have, I might not last that long. During my winter months, she's been paying her share of her expenses and more, so that it's easier on me. For her support, I'm eternally grateful and thankful.

3. Cats

Ah, these godly beings who lie around in plain sight while minions like us work and slave around them. I believe that cats are here for a purpose - to teach us how simple a good life can be. While most are not as enthusiastic as how dogs show their love, they do so in their purrfectly tender and soft way. There's this cute little cat who lives at a carpark near my home and I always see her around. She recognises us and will scamper towards us when we call her out. I'm grateful for these little gestures shown by cats that teaches us how little we need to be happy. In the presence of cats, we're just sniveling, sycophantic minons. Happy, nevertheless.

I made a few posts like this in the past too. It's interesting to read about the things that I was grateful for at the time of writing, haha


My 15HWW said...

Hi LP,

Surprised that you put cats after health and spouse. Must be an animal lover.

I believe that even as we grow older, there's an opportunity to become healthier. Just that more effort has to be made with every passing year to maintain and improve it.

Our spouse has a huge impact on both our emotional & financial lives. I have already seen some cases in office where people can't "work" due to r/s problems. Congrats on finding a supportive one!

la papillion said...

Hi 15HWW,

I agree with you - a good spouse will determine a lot whether we end up happy or not, both financially and emotionally. I'm really thankful for that.

The list of things are not necessarily in order of importance, neither are these the 3 most important things that I'm grateful for. It's just the first 3 things that came up to my mind when I'm typing the post. I usually don't know what I'm writing until I've finished the post. I've a general idea of what to say, but most of the time it turned out in ways unexpected, haha!

That being said, I do love animals :)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


I go hug my bolster (dutch wife) tight tight tonight...

Sob, sob.

la papillion said...


Haha! I also go hug bolster :P

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I was nodding when I read the first 2 but it was the last one put a big smile on my face. Thank you for sharing :)


la papillion said...

Hi HL,

Haha, glad you like the post :) We affectionately call the cat 'poke-poke'. She loves to lie on her back against the rough carpark and expose her belly and my playful wife can't resist poking her belly to disturb it. We keep up with the feeding every now and then (we keep cat food in our car) when we see her, so that's how she recognises us :)