Friday, December 30, 2011

Making mistakes

I made a couple of mistakes these few weeks as I shifted over to my new home. Most of them happened in the kitchen, because that's the part of the home that I had least experience in. In school, we make mistakes when doing tutorials. In work, we make mistakes in handling people and other more technical stuff. At home, what kind of mistakes can I make?

Well, I'm going to list it out:

1. As I was sweeping stuff into my dustpan, I moved it over to the rubbish chute (which is inside my home) to clear it. But without concentrating on what I'm doing, I didn't grip the brush hard enough, as a result, the whole brush fell into the chute, all the way down to the bottom. It's so silly that when I told my wife about it, we all laugh at the kind of clumsiness we can exhibit. My wife had her own episode too - she was putting some door stopper on the window when it dropped off. All the way down from the 22nd floor! Thankfully it's made of sponge, otherwise who knows what damage it can cause!

2. Things that look like silicone might not be silicone. Silicone has high melting point, so it can withstand temperatures up to 250 degree celsius plus minus. I had a scrapper that I had bought which I thought was made of silicone (maybe it is, but not the heat resistant kind), so I used it to fry pancakes with. As a result, part of it melted. Luckily I saw white marks on the pan and ceased using it, otherwise I might become plastic man instead.

3. I first started using the oven by re-heating frozen pizzas bought off the shelf from supermarket. I preheated the oven to a certain temperature, accordingly to the 'instruction manual' at the package of the pizza. Okay, what's so difficult about preheating the oven. Just turn the knob to the desired temperature and wait right? Wrong. I didn't know that there is a temperature light that goes off when the temperature is reached. So the pizza is half cooked. Seriously, it's silly.

4. Cooking without researching (meaning sufficient youtubing and reading through the recipe thoroughly) is a sure fire way to fail. Fail to plan? Plan to fail. There are countless times that I thought the wife knows what she is doing, and she thinks I know what I'm doing. In the end, nobody knows what they are doing.

I think making mistakes is part and parcel of trying out new experiences. I haven't made so many mistakes for so many years since I left school. That means I haven't been trying out so many new things in the past. While new mistakes are unavoidable, repeated mistakes are totally avoidable. I think that mistakes are life's great teachers, if you wish to learn from it. If you live your live to avoid making mistakes, then I'll say your life is pretty safe and conservative. Not much adventure too.

I think the same goes for investments. I've made countless mistakes, many of which I'm still living through the repercussions. But that's life - we have to learn from our mistakes and move on. If because of this and that mistake, you totally give up, then you'll never see the breakthrough. Thomas Edison is said to have made 2000 life bulbs before successfully finding the right material to make the filament. Did he have 2000 failures? Nah, he discovered 2000 ways that a light bulb will not work.

So, don't be afraid of making mistakes. If you haven't made a mistake today, you haven't tried something new!


Anonymous said...

On #2.
=> u mean the silicon-like pan is not meant for cooking?

On #3.
=> Does your oven come with a timer? For most oven, the heating bar will remain red piping hot till the timer reaches <2mins or so..


Ee Chuan said...
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PanzerGrenadier said...


Recoverable and relatively minor mistakes are part and parcel of life.

No person is infallible :-)

Don't sweat the small stuff and be well and prosper!

Anonymous said...

Hi LP,

They say, "A wise man will learn from someone's experience. A fool will learn from his own. A stupid man will never learn or can not learn anything.

But really, at times there are certain things that we have to be a fool before we can learn anything. One of the things is investing, of course. Ha! Ha!
How many times i have been a fool.

la papillion said...

Hi jwt,

Yup, it's a scrapper, hee hee, not meant for cooking :)

And yup, comes with timer. But mine will have an indicator light that goes off when the temp of the oven reaches the preset temp. I didn't know that the first time round :) oopssie, haha

Hi PG,

Thanks for the encouragement :) I kind of think my mistakes as an experience - something to laugh about to friends :)

Hi temperament,

I tried not to be a big fool :) But as you've said, there are always things that we have to do wrongly to learn it right :)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Hello LP,

Our IKEA founder encourage us not to be afraid to make mistakes by saying: "Only a dead man makes no mistakes."

And boy! Did I make mistakes in IKEA!

A lot of innovations in IKEA were discovered through "mistakes".

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