Saturday, November 12, 2011

The last few ticks of my to-do lists

Finally finished the bulk of my work year! The rest of my work schedule are just some 'stragglers' from the graduating batch and maybe a few students for the preparation in the next academic year. I always said that I've never worked so hard before in the previous years, but I've to say that again this year too. Now that the bulk of it is over, I can finish settling some issues in my personal life.

1. Need to settle my housing once and for all and get ready to move in. This housing project had been dragging on for ages, perhaps starting around June/July and lasted until now. I really have no time to put my energy and effort into it, but no excuses now. I'm hoping to move in towards the end of the month. I've still got a few things to settle, mainly just the buying of the things I'll need to use when I shift over to the new premise and setting up some infrastructure to start a classroom. Sounds like fun :)

2. Catch up on my social life. Life of a tutor is pretty much like the life of a bus driver, or any service oriented staff. Ask yourself the next time you're shopping on a weekend or on a public holiday. Who's the one driving the bus? Who's the one serving you food in the restaurant? Who's the one serving you when you are buying stuff in the shopping mall? Well, the nature of my work is such that I'm busiest when others are not and vice versa. As such, I missed out on a lot of social occasions that I need to go but couldn't. It's time to play catch-up on those. Sorry people, if you've not been hearing from me, you'll do so soon :)

3. Shares? Market? Don't know if there's anything that needs to be done in this area because my cash is mostly drained out from the various bombs that hit me in this year and the last. I'll need to boost up my cash reserves first, so it'll take some time. I've already upped my savings target for this year to 55k (though it's no big deal because this year, I didn't take into account the money that I've to pay for the mortgage of the home loan). Still, I'm proud of the fact that I can keep a cool financial head despite all the turmoil happening around my life. I can handle the storm as they come. Next year I'm not sure if I can maintain my 50k savings (this time round, it'll be 50k after mortgage payment....gasp, a big big target), though I'll do my best to do it. Already did some back of the envelope calculation on how to get an income of 10 (actual target is 12k, but it'll take some time to achieve that). All I'm left to do is to execute it. No buts, no ifs.

4. Got to catch up on my reading. My perennial target of 52 books per year is still not hit yet. Not many days left to the end of 2011, so I better buck up on my reading. Left a few more chapters before I can do the review that I've promised on a book that I'm currently reading. Oh, need to finish up some drawings that I did too. I hate to leave work uncompleted - that'll always be a nagging feeling that makes me uneasy.

Probably will start blogging more often from now on. Can't leave my readers wondering what's happening right? haha!


Ee Chuan said...
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Anonymous said...


Me understand what you are going through. They say, "Marriage, Birth and Moving House are three of the most stressful in life." And this is your 1st house. May GOD bless your family and house. That your house is your home where every visitors and occupants may feel the warmth and hospitality.

Anonymous said...

Hi LP!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

I have one student coming in next week. One and only. :)

I need to reshuffle my portfolio! and yes :) lots of books to read.


Anonymous said...

Jia you, LP kor kor!! :)

la papillion said...

Hi temperament,

Thank you thank you! It might be the most stressful period, but it's full of joy and happiness (as well as arguments) too :) I think in life, if you can take the bitter with the sweet, it will only add on to your experiences :)

Hi HH,

Haha, soon soon! Wow, only 1, then you can have a good break too :)

Hi anonymous didi/meimei,

Thank you thank you :) I'll add more oil!

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

A post without a title? Cool! (Take notes, scribble, scribble. LOL!)

The jungle has been a bit quiet without your "or yi or" roar ;)

Having said that, your cbox tavern has one new interesting female character. It's fun to see the young alpha males with raging hormones try to get her attention! LOL!

la papillion said...


Hahahaha, I forgot to put in the title :)

I only mew here mew there, never roar :) haha! Ya, I know exactly who you're talking about :)

Anonymous said...

May it is a guy pretending to be a female :o

Anonymous said...

Are u guys refering to me?


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