Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kena whacked by bears

Changed a new header to reflect our current situation now. Don't they say that we have to change according to the times? Haha! Well, the times are so bad, with the market eerily mimicking the great financial crisis in 2008. Perhaps I should change the blog title too haha!

This is called kena whacked by bear

But why am I not unhappy? If you take the circumstances that we are at now, where everyone is losing money because their portfolio is being sold down without care, then I should be very sad indeed. But I'm not. If you look at the things that you have right now - like good health, like a paying job, like your loved ones, like a cup of afternoon tea with kaya toast - the loss in your portfolio might not look so bad. I'll link up this post that I had in the past because I thought it's relevant once again - "How my world came tumbling down".


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Kena whacked by bear already painful enough.

You had to rub salt to wound by using a PINK CUTE CUTE bear!!!

But I am with you on the "other assets" of life ;)

Chong Jun said...

Hey LP,

I think the post that was linked is super awesome!

Now I felt better with the loss on my CMA. haha!

Grey said...

Weow... what is more eerie is your cute pink bear acting so violent;

Patrick See said...

Everyone loses money? Not all!
My AUA is still looking very positive! This year and for the past 8 years!

Choice of words should be 'most'.

la papillion said...


Hahaha! Bears are usually like that, you thought they are cute and innocent until they start tearing you limb by limb!

Hi CJ,

Glad you liked it...i remembered when I post that article, there's a lot of pple sms and emailing me asking me if I'm alright. Powerful message that it sent, really.

Hi Grey,

Haha, eerie is the word!

Hi Patrick,

I would congratulate you! But would you mind telling me what AUA means? NUA i know - it means slack one corner, but AUA?