Thursday, December 23, 2010

Growing bigger than your problems

I've just renewed my subscriptions for my infamous cbox. There's a holiday offer running now. Usually it's 20USD for 12 months of premium subscriptions to the cbox, but for this offer, they are giving another 12 months worth of subscription, totalling 2 yrs for 20 USD. Since it's such an important feature in my blog, and it doesn't cost much per month ($1.10 SGD/mth?), I just renewed my subscription immediately.

Looking back at my older post regarding the subscription, I was tickled by the 'deep' analysis on whether to subscribe to the service. I was even analysing the traffic flow and the amount of messages that comes in, in order to justify the cost of paying for a premium version of the cbox. The indifferent attitude that I took this time when renewing my subscriptions shows how far I've changed since. Basically, it's a matter of growing bigger than your current problems.

What do I mean by that? I've done a rather cute post on this before, titled Of Dragons and Men. I know, it doesn't say a thing what the article says, but rather it's a pun (do you call it a pun?) on Steinback's novel, Of Mice and Men. In the article, I've mentioned about T.Harv's book - Secret of the millionaire mind. The words still ring resonantly within me:

"Rich men grows bigger than their problems. Poor men tries to solve their problems".

Whatever problems you have now that are bugging you, you can try solving them, but it'll come back again to haunt you. The only way to eradicate the problem is to make the problem smaller, by growing bigger. When  you're so much bigger than the problem, it doesn't hurt you anymore than a scratch, then it's not a problem anymore. I think it's an important point to reflect upon.

No problemo?


Anonymous said...

Hi LP,
Super posting.
I think it can apply to after marriage and then the problem of thinking whether to have a complete family or not?
Or just having each other?

After sometimes(maybe years), you and your wife may see the "problem" becoming smaller and smaller.
(Maybe because you are very rich now. You want to propagate your super gene and leaving a legacy behind)Ha! Ha!

In fact by then, the problem may be the other way round.
Both of you are really trying very hard to complete the family.
Shalom & Cheers.

Cheng said...

Nice post! :D

I seldom leave comments, and...enjoy your xmas with Jade sao! haha! :P

la papillion said...

Hi temperament,

Thanks, you like the post? :)

Hmm, interesting application of the concept, haha :) Funny isn't it? When we have no money, we don't want to have kids. When we have the money, then we can't have kids HAHA :)

Ironic of life!

la papillion said...

Hi Chengy,

Hee hee :) Thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

No, it's not called a "pun". It's called a "play" on the title of Steinbeck's (not Steinback) book.

Not trying to be a grammar Nazi. And all in the spirit of education. :)

Kerry said...

Hey LP! Sweet post!

Short, sweet and very clear unlike me, wind bag that I am =)

Now instead of looking for solutions, one changes focus to look for ways to grow bigger instead.

Be a giant!


Createwealth8888 said...

Time is the most valuable coin in your life. Use it wisely.

Do you really want to solve a 5 cts problem by using up many $1 coins or spending a few 50 cts coins just to save a few cents.

la papillion said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes! That's the word that somehow eluded me :)

Heh heh, mis spelled Steinbeck's name :) Thanks for pointing out the correction!

Oh pls do be a grammar Nazi! I want to learn from mistakes :)

la papillion said...

Hi Kay,

Haha, short and sweet is when I've nothing much to elaborate :)

Ya, sometimes when you switch around perspectives, you might find insight to go around a problem :)

Hi bro8888,

Wah, so cryptic, what do you imply?

Actually growing bigger than your problem will solve many simultaneous problems at the same time :)

Anonymous said...

Hi LP,
Reading your post once again,
Something pop into mind:
"When I was small, and Christmas tree was, la, la, la, lah....
Is this song has something to do with your post?
Ha! Ha!
Cheers & Merry Christmas everyone.

la papillion said...

Hi Temperament,

That was certainly not my intention! But I did a search on the song on, beautiful song with beautiful lyrics :)

Thanks for the introduction, haha!

Have a happy christmas too :)