Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Batman: Gotham knight review

I just watched the greatest batman movie ever!

It's not really a movie, but rather it's a 6 part anime-movie, titled Gotham Knight. I dare say it's even better than the recent movie depicting the Joker, because this one is closer thematically and philosophically to the batman that I know and want to see. Each part consists of a series of thematically related but not necessary chronologically ordered short story. But before you dismiss it, do note that each series has a lot more depth than the movie can ever do. The following themes are explored in the 6 parter:

1. The impressions of Gotham citizens on batman
2. Batman's inner pain
3. Batman's refusal to use firearms

The series ends with the final 6 part and leaves me craving for more. Besides the great voicing and good music, the sounds are also top notched. Each part depicts batman in different art forms, so for true batman fans, you can ogle and drool at the various ways that batman is drawn. Each style is so unique! (I like the first episode's way of drawing batman - because it draws the impression of batman, seen through the eyes of witnesses, rather than the usual way. Hard to describe, have to see it to experience it)

Do pay close attention to the dialogue, because it is really full of wit. Which of these parters do I like best? It's number 5, titled 'working through pain'. The execution is simply superb! The next best is part 4, titled "In darkness dwells". I mentioned in my batman review that the movie should show the other intellectual side of batman, not just the brawns but the brains as well. Part 4 shows how good Batman's 'superpowers' is - his cold logic and good detective skills.

So where to see it? You can see it here. But you need to change it to part 01, as the link is for part 2. You can change which part you want to watch on the top of the link.

A trailer of this anime-movie can be found here: