Thursday, May 10, 2007


Longcheer did something funny.

After posted lousy results, the stock actually increased in price. Well, I take it as a good chance for me to dump this stock. I have not an ounce of regret selling it at 0.68 even though it closed at 0.695 today. FA poor stocks shouldn't have a place in my portfolio.

OCBC even though it posted stellar results, actually closed down. Really what is happening. Somebody trying to reap huge rewards by acting contrary? Hmm...

Today midsouth increased 0.030 to 0.78. But i didn't buy. I bought CH offshore though, on breakout. But it closed down below my buy price of 0.665. Well, lousy luck these days.

Trying to get a copy of Intelligent Investor by benjamin graham, but guess what? When I don't want to buy, I see loads of copies here and there. But when I wanted to get it, all the bookstores went out of stock. Seriously what dump luck I have. Probably have to order a copy online or get from NUS co-op.

Not in the mood for anything. Europe all red, dow -60 now. Tmr another profit taking day.