Saturday, December 17, 2016

Somebody staring at me

I wore a new t-shirt out today and noticed a few people, especially the guys, looking at me. I know because I saw their eyes trying to read what my t-shirt says. I took a selfie of myself and here's how I look:

Yeah, I know my face is something that comes out of a horror film. But really, I think it's my t-shirt that these people are looking at. I think my t-shirt is a good conversation starter. I'm wearing it for work and hoping one day my students, out of curiosity, would ask me what Financial Independence means. I'll be all prepared and ready to deliver my heart wrenching, inspirational speech about financial freedom with the soundtrack of Braveheart in the backdrop.

Here's how my fantasy reply goes:

1. I'll ask what they think financial independence is all about.

2. I'll ask them for some reasons why people work.

3. I'll ask if they had ever done anything that they will gladly do for free because it's exactly how they would spend their leisure time on

4. I'll ask if they would want to be able to do things like that for the rest of their lives

5. I'll ask how they would feel if I can show them a way where they no longer have to work for a living, and have all the freedom and time to pursue what they want to do (cue for Braveheart music)

6. I'll sell them a series of video links at $99.99 each and be freaking rich

6. That's what Financial Independence is all about.

7. Students leave my place, all teary but inspired. Each step they take take sparkles with the fire of passion. Each breath they take fills their lungs with air and purpose. Each heartbeat sends positive energy and optimism that vibrates throughout their body. Sounds coming out of their mouth are like angels singing. Light entering their eyes are rainbows brightening their vision.

Nah, most likely my students will mouth out an invisible huh, and proceed to play with their handphone on their way out, with me screaming at their backs to remember to do their work for the next lesson. Or they wouldn't even ask because their curiosity about the world had been deadened by the burden of the school. I bet they wouldn't even ask where I got my t-shirt from.

It's okay, perhaps my readers will ask. Or perhaps one day when my students are ready, this blog will be here for them.


Betta man said...

Where did u buy it ?

Createwealth8888 said...

All investment bloggers should have this T-shirt and walk about. LOL!

temperament said...

Sad to say, most of us will be in progress for life.

Only in death we stop worrying.

Sillyinvestor said...


Have me wondering what is your message?

What I would like to do for free? Most people are thinking (I guess) what I enjoy doing? Examples, touring around, etc

That question hits me, because the first answer that comes to me automatically without thinking hard is to continue to teach my pupils.

Maybe... maybe, it's really time to let go... lol in 18 years time muhahahahah I will be 55 then! I will just teach, never the other cut ... hi bro, later count FI in progress a not

Sillyinvestor said...

Oops ... stupid self correction ...
I mean never mind the pay cut, and like that count a not

la papillion said...

Hi betta man,

Afraid can't say it now, you'll find out soon!

la papillion said...

Hi bro8888,

I agree! This is a movement that we can all start, beginning with you! But you have to wear a different shirt of course lol!

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

1) CW,

Hello! You walking down the mountain. Want that T-shirt for what? Should wear "Uncle got CPF". Sure very popular with the Xiao Mei Meis at Chinatown! (OK, not so "xiao"... LOL!)

2) temperament,

Work-in-progress to escape - sad; work-in-progress to achieve - not sad :)

3) Sillyinvestor,

You do think too much.

Want to open your palm, scared the bird fly away...

Want to squeeze your palm; scared will crush the bird...

4) LP,

Add as a sweetener for your students - if they click on the video links, you'll give them a free "Financial Independence for Dummies" e-book valued at $29.95 for absolutely free!

Wait! There's more!

If they do it TODAY, and just for TODAY only, you'll give them the special edition "Financial Independence in progress" T-shirt (in shocking pink) for FREE!


Mai tu liao!

Sign up today!!!

la papillion said...

Hi temperament,

Why the pessimism? Haha :) Even if we can't reach, doesn't mean we can't have a fulfilling and worry free life! The mental part is most important, because there will be cases when physically you have all the money that you ever need, but you still worry about money. that's still not financially free!

la papillion said...

Hi SI,

Haha, I don't do secret messages and intentions :) I feel like blogging about my experiences so I write haha

It's something that I experienced, thought it's interesting, so I jotted it down in writing to seal it in for future reflection :) Really no hidden intention or other meanings :)

la papillion said...

Oh ya, SI, forgot to mention that I'm like you. Will still continue teaching. But there's a difference! Now part of my work is still to pay the bills. In the future, hopefully I don't even need to think about that, so it's just purely for satisfaction, to contribute to society and to be a mentor. One less reason to work :)

la papillion said...


haha you're really making a name for yourself to be a manager :) All the contacts are primed for your next career move LOL

Will find you if I need an agent :)

yeh said...

hi LP

your blog very popular,my husband boss just showed them to read your post about the 'where is my money goes'

my husband just showed me that yesterday night:)
he told me about this.

Unintelligent Nerd said...

LOL! Good post.

I would never be caught wearing such a t-shirt though. Need to keep up with my 瞒天过海 strategy:

I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me.
He's just a poor boy from a poor family.
Spare him his life from this gross poverty!

Easy come, easy go, bus-walk-M-R-T!
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go. (Let him go!)
Bismillah! We will not let you go. (Let him go!)
Bismillah! We will not let you go. (Let me go!)

Anonymous said...

tshirt is good where to get it?^^

la papillion said...

Hi yeh,

REALLY? Wah, I thought nobody will read it as I'm no longer the fresh young faces out there lol

Good to know that, makes my day :)

la papillion said...

Hi UN,

Wah, got song somemore :) Okay, maybe you print out "FF LOH" when you finally reached there, then no need to cover heaven cross ocean :)

la papillion said...

Hi anon and the rest who wanted to get the shirts,

Derek posted this:

He is just collecting interest, if there's a sufficient number of people who wanted it, I'm sure he'll go order it. In the meantime, go register your interest there!

simplefolk said...

Steady lah, you can walk the talk since you are good in financial literacy
For simple folks, will prefer to walk & hide even when I'm finally there

la papillion said...

Hi simplefolk,

Nah, don't say that, I'm not special nor do I have any privileged background. I'm just a simple folk like you :)

Zach @ Four Pillar Freedom said...

I love this shirt! I can imagine if I wore something like this I would constantly get the chance to preach about the beauty of financial independence...

la papillion said...

Hi Zach,

Haha, you like it too? :)

I've a friend who is printing it out in bulk soon, so hopefully it can be ready to accept orders for others to buy :)