Thursday, February 07, 2013

Results of cbox contribution fund raising

Hi folks,

This is a follow-up post after the call for donations to support the cbox contribution fund. First of all, thanks for all the contributors who funded the cause. I seriously didn't think it would work but if we don't ask, we would never get it, right?

A total of 8 contributors made the donation. I don't think I should put down the list of contributors because some of them privately messaged or emailed me, so I guess it's good to keep the names hidden this way. A total of $101 is collected (you know who the $1 belongs to, haha!). This sum is more than enough to cover 4 yrs of cbox fees, if they don't raise it further!

What am I going to do with the excess cash? Don't worry, it'll be used to do things related to the website for the service of the regular users :) Thanks for all the support folks!

Bullythebear blogmaster


PanzerGrenadier said...


This is called the power of crowd-sourcing like Kickstarter..kekek..

Be well and prosper.

la papillion said...

Hi PG,

Yea, indeed! Kickstarter is really a very powerful way to secure funds :P