Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tech hack for android

I'm so glad I found the ultimate technological hack for android phones. Some of you may be aware that amazon had this new amazon app store, supposedly to cater for their new kindle fire tablet so that people can shop for apps through their site. They have this wonderful way to promote their amazon app store by giving free apps on a daily basis. Here's a list of full apps (not the lite version) that had been given away. I came to know of this when I was about to buy a fully paid version of officesuite pro, after trying it for a couple of weeks. I really need to access my spreadsheet on my phone effortlessly, so I thought getting a paid app is great for this specific purpose.

Unfortunately, the free apps is only applicable for US, not for other countries including Singapore. I searched around and came to know of a way to get around it. It can be found here. I tried it and it works perfectly. Great! So now I had a way to get my paid full version of officesuite just by doing a little sleuth work. Saved me $18.89 sgd :)

(On a sidenote, it's interesting to see how your thoughts can turn into reality. I've been thinking whether to get a paid app for my android phone for weeks, searching around for the best kind of office software for my uses. It happened that I was again looking around for such applications when I had an intense desire to just buy the app for 18.89 SGD. But I've no idea how I got into amazon apps in the first place (it's through one of the youtube links, bizarrely) and I happened to see a limited time offer for a free officesuite pro app, which is only limited for today only. Serendipity? Coincidence?)  


Zhanrui said...

There's an official google docs app that's free as well .. prob not as powerful... but can do simple editing and viewing

la papillion said...

Hi Zhanrui,

I know that too, but the problem is that it keep saving while doing editing of the spreadsheet, so it slows down the operation of the whole thing. I've tried it before but it's not working too well for me, hence looking for a final solution :)

Ee Chuan said...
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PanzerGrenadier said...

Hi LP,

When preparation meets opportunity, we sometimes call it serenpidity or luck. I'd like to see it as the power of being focussed on your objective.

Focus helps you notice the small details and nuances that get you to where you want to go. The Napolean Hill "Think and Grow Rich" school of thought where it's really your mind matters when it comes to your own destiny :-)

Be well and prosper.

la papillion said...

Hi PG,

Yes yes, I've read such books before. Sometimes it's eerily true. It's like you think hard that something will happen, and then it really happens. But you cannot just sit there and think hard, you must do something towards that goal, then it will happen :)

Untapped powers of the mind? haha

Anonymous said...

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