Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Charts with potential for reversal

Listed out some charts that have the potential to reverse. It's okay to buy when it's expensive, just make sure it's reversing when you buy them.

Noble is showing my favourite setup - breaking downtrend line combined with an impending bullish divergence on macd histogram. I'll look at it when the time is ripe.

** Updated on 12-July after market close:

NOL is dropping too fast. Let's see how it finishes its divergence before deciding on what to do with it. The downtrend line is going to make it hard to rise up, even after its reversal. If I enter this, it'll be a quick one.

I'm always looking to get more of this. The charts show that there's a very high chance of it going down. The question is till where? I'm wiling to get a batch near 1.46, regardless of divergence or not.

It's important that in the heat of battle, we do not fire recklessly. Bullets are always always in short supply, so it's better to wait patiently for the enemy to come closer before firing a shot. Even if there are 3 enemies coming my way, likely I'll just choose the one that I'm most confident of sniping. Going by the seasonal nature of STI, August/September might have a wave of enemies swarming over, so it's better to keep my powder dry and high.