Monday, February 28, 2011

Comfort items

I am going outfield next week, so this week I'm going to do some shopping to bring some comfort items to make my life in the jungle for the next few days more bearably. For those who are not in the know, going outfield means that you can't bath for around 3 to 4 days. You can't brush your teeth. You can't shave. You can't shampoo your hair. You can't change your clothes. And you freaking wear your socks that are soaked in sweat and dried up and soaked in sweat again and again for the whole duration of the exercise.

Disgusting cannot even begin to describe that feeling. It's like you know you're going to do something painful and the pain of waiting for it to come makes the thing even more painful. I'm sure when it actually starts, it'll pass on quickly. SO, I am going to do some shopping during the weekends to make my life much more bearable.

I listed out the items that I needed in order to make it easier for me to do the shopping:

1. Baby wipes - those alcohol laden tissue which can clean you up and make you feel extremely refreshed. This is ultra important.

2. Insect repellent - self explanatory. It's going to be hot and stinky and if there's insect bites, especially mosquito bites, I'll be very very pissed off.

I tried to come up with something else that can make my life even more comfortable and realised that there isn't anything else. Life can be very very simple. Just two items can make my life so much more bearable. I'm actually hard pressed to find anything else, which is very interesting to me. I wonder how I'll feel when I'm finally finished with my in camp stint. What other observation would I make of myself?


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

You not buying the snake brand powder from Thailand?

During my time, we used it a lot for our powder baths. Very cooling!

You should see us! Our faces were all white white and it's fun to see the reactions of others.

Camouflage face paint where got fight with a bunch a pale faces - we spook our enemies!

Patrick T. said...

Fresh underwear and 3ply toilet paper leh?

PanzerGrenadier said...


For going out field, wet wipes are very useful.

Another one is ziploc in case it rains.

If you do shooting or night work, a small torch is also useful to check clear for rifle chamber.

Be safe during reservist

Paul said...

During my ICT exercise, the essential item for me was the SAF powder and cigarettes.

la papillion said...


Haha, I just bought it after getting heat rashes on my feet and wrist :) I learnt from my lessons haha

Hi Pat,

No time to change underwear and no desire to go toilet outfield, haha

Hi PG,

I realised that wet wipes are not as useful as it is. The reason being that I've to put camo so it's very demoralising to clean it up and re-apply again.

Ziplock also isn't very useful for me since I've a vehicle to hide in. Torch is essential though, haha

Will be safe, thanks!

Hi Paul,

Haha, for those who smoke, it's essential, as these are the 'ammo' for the outfield!