Friday, July 30, 2010

Cats or Dogs?

I made a poll not too long ago, so I think it's appropriate to conclude it after 1-2 weeks. After a turnout of 11 responses, here's the results:

It's quite surprising to me because I thought more people would love dogs, judging by how people treat dogs as a better companion than cats. Nevertheless, cats win this time round!

In my line of work, it's more usual for me to encounter dogs than cats. I've only have 1 household that keep cats (but they also keep dogs)...1 out of so many many household over so many years! But pets are cute actually, I've befriended quite a few dogs. Whenever I go over to the place, they would recognise me and greet me in the usual dog fashion :)

Here's some cute and funny pictures that I snapped using my lousy hp camera:

Erm...let sleeping dogs lie?

The above picture is a very funny picture I've seen of Mikey. When I first met him, he was growling at me. But after getting to know each other for sometime, he would greet me by grabbing his favourite toy and follow me around, before lying down to sleep near me (and the student). This is one of the funniest pose I've seen Mikey do. I thought cats would do this kind of funny pose, apparently I'm wrong :)

A bundle of fur in a corner of the lift

This is a very very interesting cat. She would follow people to the lift and would stay in a corner to sleep, riding the lift up and down. I call her the lift cat. She had caught me off guard twice, when after a tiring day of work, I entered the lift and see a bundle of fur all cuddled up in the corner of the lift. How can my heart not melt and give it a cat's rub?

Ah...the simple pleasures of life.


Anonymous said...

It is a matter of convenience I guess, the people who has voted here are working people and therefore they prefer to adopt a cat which requires almost no effort in care taking. As for dog, you need to walk with him maybe 2 or 3 times a day so that he could shit properly. Those family you visited are with kids or young adults even having a maid to help out in the care taking. I am sure a lot of us likes to play with a dog rather than a cat as dog tends to be more active and cat is always lazy and less active. Tell me if you go into a home the dog will come to the door not the cat!! Just a thought from Gal.

PanzerGrenadier said...


I for one would prefer dogs over cats. But unless I have a landed property, I'll not keep them.

Probably won't buy furry creatures for my daughter when she grows up as too much hassle and I don't think she will be responsible enough to take care of it!

Be well and prosper.

la papillion said...

Hi Gal,

I agree with you. Dogs need to be walked daily, and cats are more fuss free.

However, cats do come to the door to greet you :)

la papillion said...

Hi PG,

Actually having a pet teaches one a lot of values. I think most impt, it teaches on to be responsible and to place others' need before your own.

I suggest for those children who wanted animal as pets, try letting them keep plants first. If they manage to show enough responsibility, then progress onwards to animals :)

PanzerGrenadier said...


Plants are a good suggestion :-)

Too cruel to let animals die due to child's neglect! :-P

Grey said...

Weow... the vote might be biased as the people here might be more catty; Look.. there are 2 cat faces here alone!

la papillion said...

Hi Grey,

Ya, it's definitely not a fair poll. It's just interesting to know that there are more cat lovers here :)