Tuesday, April 07, 2009

STI - self reference

Self reference only.

There's still no signals to get into STI. Have to wait for a good point of entry.

I see support level at 177X level, sitting right at the ema100d level. After that will be 170X level. I read this website often, it gives a good analysis of the STI weekly movement. Good reference material: http://www.him.com.sg/

I want to catch the big movement, not the small little ones, hence like a fisherman, I have to learn to be patient. It makes it easier because I'm in no hurry to lose more money.

These days I've not had the energy and time to do some quality posts. Why? Usually I blog in the morning. But these days, I'm preoccupied with driving lessons..GRRR! Hopefully it'll all be over soon then I can go back to my usual routine. Life is a series of projects after projects...it gets a little tiring after sometime, don't you think so?


Musicwhiz said...

Hi LP,

Life gets hectic eh ? Just to quote you a lyric from yet another song (yeah hope I don't bore you with all the songs):-

"And if life is just a highway, then the soul is just the car."

So life is a journey, let's revv up and enjoy the scenery along the way !


la papillion said...

Hi mw,

Wow...nice vocals by meatloaf!

Haven't heard his songs for a while, thks! I've still listening to the divinyl's I touch myself. Very nice song!

Kay said...

Aha, now I know why you are not blogging that frequently anymore :)

la papillion said...


Haha, that's just one reasons - driving. The more impt reason is that I'm too tired to think much these days :)

Take care!

Priya J said...

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