Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Details of brunch on Boxing day

Happy Christmas and a Merry new year!

For those whose names are listed in the here, do take note of the following:

1. Venue of the dim sum lunch is at Suntec city, Pearl River Palace. Pearl river palace is located at Suntec convention and exhibition centre, on level 3. If you take the escalator, you need to turn to the right and walk straight into this chinese restaurant.

For those who have problems, do contact me at nine-four-three-five-eight-nine-three-zero.

2. The time of the event is at 1130am, 26th Dec 2008, a Friday. The last order is at 1400, with the restaurant closing for the lunch period at around 1500. You can leave anytime if you have other programs coming up, not a problem for me. A soft copy of the menu is here, if you wish to have a look.

3. Frankly, I'm quite surprised at the turnout of the event. Last time we held it at Vivocity, there are only 10 odd people. This time, there are almost 20 people. At this rate of growth, we'll hit 5,120 people on our 10th outing, 163, 840 people on our 15th outing and a mega turnout of 5,242,880 people on our 20th outing. Basically, we will have people from other countries joining in because Singapore's population is only 4.6 million at last count!

Due to this mega turnout, we'll have no choice but to separate the crowd into 2 tables. The restaurant staff will put us near the windows so as not to disturb the other lunch crowd, as I would expect dream to make a lot of noises with people queuing up to rub his million dollar belly and vying for createwealth8888's autograph.

The table 1 will have 9 seats and table 2 will have 10 seats. After taking into account each others' age and my understanding of your interest, I've decided to split the crowd into the 2 tables:

Table 1:

1. Createwealth8888
2. Elaine
3. Elaine's boy 1
4. Elaine's boy 2
5. Dream
6. Sharon
7. Lumiere (hohoho!)
8. KK
9. V
10. Jas (not sure if coming)

Table 2:

1. LP
2. Jade
3. Neophyte
4. Patrick Ho
5. Cheng
6. Derek
7. Gohsip
8. Akatsuki
9. San
10. R

Please feel free to change your seats as you want it, you do not necessary have to sit the way I proposed. I, for one, will be moving from one table to another just to chat with more people :)

4. Dream will bring a few bottles to share with us. Everyone should trust his taste buds on it and should try if you can :)

5. There are 18 adults and 2 kids (lastest edition is R), try not to pass me the payment there as it can be quite unsightly, hoho! Money is a bit vulgar especially when we're meeting on such joyous occasion. I'll foot the bill first, if you think it's worthwhile paying me, just foot the amount you think is good to my posb savings account 543-60484-4.

Have a great Christmas and we'll meet up soon :)


Anonymous said...

Assuming your gathering is an annual affair, in 20 years' time singapore's population should exceed 5 million. However logistics is obviously a problem. You may have to consider video conferencing or buy airtime from TCS. Properous Christmas !

la papillion said...

Hi Touzi,

Hoho, let's imagine!

It's a semi-annual event, which means we'll have the 20th outing on the 10th year. If Singapore's population growth rate is 1.275% (as in 2007), then in 10 year's time, Singapore's population will grow from 4.6 mil to 5.2 mil :)

If that's the case, we just sit at home and watch TV, and I'll be addressing the whole population of Singapore through it! haha :)

Enjoy your christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi LP,
i've trsferred the moeny to ur account. Thks for organising, please have more:)

patrick ho

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PanzerGrenadier said...


You guys sound like you had a great time!

Unfortunately, I had to be in my office doing wurk wurk...hahahha... If not, I'll won't have enough money to play shares...hahahah...

Be well and prosper.