Friday, September 24, 2010

How do you know if you are addicted to the cbox?

** "BIAS" is a special feature in my blog where I get to say whatever I want with scant regards for your feelings. I'm not politically correct in this feature, so go ahead, judge me."

I noticed a significant increase in the number of people going to the cbox. It definitely shows that the market activity is picking up. At the most bullish times, my cbox volume indicator gives a good proxy to the general activity happening in the stock market.

Should be interesting to see if you need some treatment from being addicted to my infamous cbox, haha :)

1. Do you know the people who are using the cbox better than your face-to-face friends, even though you might never have met them before?

2. Do you have a compulsive desire to log on to the cbox during  free times in school or at work, just to see what the people there are talking about?

3. Do you have a separate cbox 'hidden' in the background of your workdesk of your computer so that you are kept in the know of what's happening in the cbox without letting people in your office know that you're doing that?

4. Do you have a desire to help out other people in the cbox or simply to share what knowledge you have or just some interesting things you're heard or read by providing links?

5. Be honest with yourself. Have you been spending more than 5 hours per day at the cbox, excluding sat and sun?

Looks like some of us here, haha!

If you answered YES to more than 3 of the above 5 questions, I think you're addicted to the cbox. Congrats, you are part of the growing community of bullythebear cbox users!


I loved some of the comments so much that I decided to add in a few more checklist to see if you're addicted/ These are kindly contributed by those who commented on the cbox. Possibly addicts themselves, haha:

6. Did you change your phone or bought one just so you can access the cbox?

7. Did you try ways to bypass the company's internet control so you can access the cbox?

8. Did you come here to check your bids so as to get 1 or 2 cents lower than the folks here?


Createwealth8888 said...

This cbox may be your career limiting factor. Pls stay away for your own good! LOL

Patrick T. said...

6. Did you change your phone or bought one just so you can access cbox?

AK71 said...

Oh no, no, NO, NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you try ways to bypass company internet control so you can access cbox? - piggybank

Anonymous said...

7. Did you have the tendency to queue 1 or 2 cents lower than you previous asking price recently?


Createwealth8888 said...

Do you come here to check to buy 1 or 2 cts lower than the folks here?

la papillion said...

Hi All,

I've added the comments in the post. I loved the add-ins :)

PanzerGrenadier said...


Human beings will find ways to "twang" be it Facebook, Instant Messenging or Cbox. :-)

Blame the user not the application!

Be well and prosper :-)

Anonymous said...

lp, perhaps a post on "what to do next if you are addicted to the cbox." haha!


Createwealth8888 said...

We will need a Bullythebear CBox Self-Exclusion during office hours feature to help to safeguard cbox addict's job.

AK71 said...

LP, monetise the cbox... charge S$100 entrance fee or a S$1000 yearly fee... HUAT ah!!!

la papillion said...

Hi PG,

Haha, ya, don't blame me for your addiction!

Hi CJ,

I suppose those pple will have to cold-turkey themselves or follow laksa's example - just get away from the blog :)

Hi bro8888,

No such feature...have to implement themselves, haha :)

Hi AK,

Wah, I think if I charge money, it'll be empty with immediately effect, haha :) I guess it's addictive because of the pple. Remove certain key pple and the blog will go empty :)